mercy tapscott

Mercy is a successful entrepreneur and digital marketing expert, with diverse experience in frontend web development, graphic design, and digital marketing strategies.

After successfully freelancing for over a decade, she founded May Dream Design, LLC, a full-service branding and digital marketing agency, in 2021. She is also the owner of Protowork•Studio, a coworking office on the Space Coast in Florida; and co-owner of Print A Pot, a 3D printing planter business. She serves as Marketing Director for a North American brand, which she has worked with for over 14 years, and as campaign manager for a local political campaign for the 2024 election cycle.

Mercy Tapscott

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about me

I began building my own websites from scratch at the age of 14 using Notepad and a browser, and started in graphic design by crafting avatars for online journals. I loved the freedom and creativity that digital mediums offered, but didn’t turn it into my career until several years later when I became pregnant with my first child.

My daughter had a birth defect that required frequent doctor’s appointments and around-the-clock care, so I became a web designer. For the next 11+ years, I honed my frontend web development skills in order to become a WordPress expert – essentially, I make things work together on WordPress! I also grew my skills to include advanced video editing, integrations, automations, and marketing strategy.

I also collaborate with my husband Sean on Print A Pot and PrintAPot Tech, two businesses that specialize in 3D printing pots and planters.

We live in Melbourne, Florida with our two teenage children and two cats.