Have you ever wanted to show your Instagram or Facebook feed on your WordPress website? If you’ve tried it, you likely would have used Facebook’s page feed widget, which has ugly sidebars and isn’t very customizable. For Instagram, you most likely had to install a plugin or had to use a third-party widget. The problem with these is that it’s difficult to integrate them into your website beautifully.

One of my clients had their website completely redone by a design agency last year, and one of the things that this company did was a custom Instagram and Facebook feed in the footer of the website so it matched the new website’s look. They did it using established PHP classes available on GitHub, but with the API changes in the last year, both of those feeds had broken! Without developer updates on these PHP classes, everything needed to be redone.

Luckily, there are several easy online tutorials that work with the new API! With these tutorials, I was able to fix the client’s social feeds on their WordPress website.

Facebook Feed on WordPress Website

The Code of a Ninja website has several free tutorials on how to add a social feed on your website. If you don’t have the time to copy and paste from the tutorial, you can purchase the full files to work from. Their Facebook Page Feed tutorial helped me so much! The only thing that I had trouble with was getting the URLs of the Facebook photos; I just had to use the $picture variable instead of the $picture_url variable.

Custom Instagram Feed in WordPress

Code of a Ninja does have an Instagram Feed tutorial but I needed a tutorial that would also provide me with the Instagram user’s details, such as number of media and number of followers. Misha Rudrastyh’s Instagram tutorial was just what I needed to get both the images and the user’s details.

Thanks to these tutorials, I will no longer have to resort to using the Facebook widget or third-party plugins!