Mercy Tapscott: Web & Graphic Design Guru

Hello! I’m Mercy and I have over 17 years of experience designing and creating websites for small businesses, individuals, and organizations. From the web design to the graphic design and even to the content creation, I can help you every step of the way!

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Web Design

Your website is an important marketing tool. I can help you with the design and creation of the website, with considerations for user experience, search engine optimization, and mobile responsiveness.
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Graphic Design

From branding to marketing materials and social media images, graphic design is an essential aspect of your online web presence. Photo editing, print design, logos…this is just a small selection of what I can do!
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Content Creation

Your message needs to reach your audience, and good copywriting can do just that! I can write compelling text for your website, landing pages, blog, product descriptions, or newsletters.

The All-In-One Web Designer

If you’re running a business, it makes sense to hire someone who can handle all aspects of your web presence. I do it all: website creation, print design, social media, blog writing, newsletters… all of this is geared towards promoting your business and your brand.

Websites for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and e-commerce businesses.

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You’re passionate about your business, and I am too! I want to help you succeed with a custom online presence, tailored to appeal to your customers and built to attract even more through search engines and social media.

Whether you’re a small local business or a startup company, I can help you create a website that will showcase your products, inform the public about your small business, and more!

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